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SMART Room System for Skype™ for Business

‍‍‍Do more with Skype

A Skype meeting, but so much more

The SMART Room System combines SMART's industry-leading interactive displays with Skype for Business, so that you can write over content, use touch gestures and get more wo‍‍‍rk done during any Skype meeting.

From a single 55" display all the way up to a dual 84" configuration, with 6 sizes to choose from, SMART can accommodate any meeting room size or need.

More size opt‍‍‍‍‍‍ions

SRS-Skype for Business-XS

(with one 8055i-G5)

SRS-Skype for Business -S

(with one 8065i-G5)

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SRS-Skype for Business -M

(with one 8084i-G4)

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SRS-Skype for Business-M-DUAL

(with two 8055i-G5)

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SRS-Skype for Business-L

(with two 806‍‍70i-G4)

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SRS-Skype for Business-XL

(with two 8084i-G4)

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